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Could never get the machine to get past 'saving your settings'. dont know the reason why charles It doesnt work if I block it from the internet. it is a part of catalist control center but i can't understand why there are two istances working together k4k4r0th ATI Control Panel tool, it can spawn more instances of itself MarkJ (further information) It load multiple times on every restart Shmee Klass hmm.i dont think its gives any problem.u'll get it after installing ATI cards..i have it only

Nick I've 6-7 of them blinking (appear for a sec then gone for a sec and it keep doing this all the time my laptop is on) in my task manager Preminuli It steals my ram which i don't like chris it has totally screwed up my pc! Recommended: Identify cli.exe related errors Important: Some malware camouflages itself as cli.exe, particularly when located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder. people at ati like to give u nice interface but it aint working and crashes all the time Da_JoJo Not essential but it is beneficial See also: Link Astronut See also: http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/cli.exe.html

If it does, i will delete it from the registry. if you kill your tray icon, it will drop to two, if you install the catalyst drivers that dont have the catalyst control center you will get 0 instances running, this Uses minimal CPU, but it is critical, so do not stop it. (Running a Mobility Radeon X1600) Steve It's the ATI Catalyst Control Center.

See also: Link Craig Yes, it's only the Catalyst Control Center ED Its jut to control your ATI video card See also: Link Ruffneck The 2 instances are communicating through your How to fix cli.exe related problems? 1. Resource hog. Divulgation complète dans notre accord d'utilisation.

I did and finally my computer is run.hope this helps out hilton May cause some games to behave slow or even crash. I had 3 running in memory using about 30 MB, it slowed my graphics card frame rate down and made my CPU work too hard even with simple things. However, my ZoneAlarms has trapped cli.exe attempting to access the internet with destination IP of http://www.file.net/process/cli.exe.html Demander maintenant en ligne (2) virus ont été détecté sur votre Wiko Lenny 212/11/160 PROBLEME ZEPTO VS REIMAGE26/10/161 Comment décrypter des fichiers qui ont été cryptés par le rançongiciel ODIN ?25/10/161

Frank GT ATi dot Net CP , it loads two instances, yes, on reason I didnt kill it ,is Delta Gamma for games jerry All of the questions I asked earlier If you don't want it on your task bar, just click Start,, click Run, enter msconfig, click OK, click the Startup tab, uncheck CLIStart,, click Apply, click OK, and restart your Why a video card driver uses internet connection? ocramweb i have 7 of them running at one time...

Tkass people who have three instances running have 1 the .net server, 2 the .net client and 3 the win32 tray icon. Everything will work, and better then before. if you kill your tray icon, it will drop to two, if you install the catalyst drivers that dont have the catalyst control center you will get 0 instances running, this It's harmless, but if you have a small amount of RAM on your PC, I recommend disabling this.

I therefore, do not trust this software to keep its network traffic "local". mofo removel of error cli.exe Had an issue with this trying to start up a bluetooth install on startup. Keith Once had 60+ running at once just from trying to alt+tab into my game, but not being able to because its so laggy because of cli.exe! 3 open every time Merci de m'aider .

now all is ok. See also: Link Buy-A-Mac cli.exe - Application Error THIS IS HOW I RESOLVED THIS. HijackThis Category O4 Entry This entry has been requested 24,460 times. I installed .NET framework 2.0.

James, London the file doesn't do anything bad..... Andy Jones It is ATI Catalyst Control Centre 5.3 A gamer... cli.exe error on start up?

task manager showed about 20 instances of cli.exe, none of which could be killed.

Joel https://support.ati.com/ics/support/default.asp?deptID=894 See also: Link JoeD there's three so i end process tree on all three and battlefield 2 runs well still easyazz Just the ATI control Center. If your not going to be messing with your 3D settings you don't need this. Isolated the problem when cli.exe opened 72 instances of itself, using 100% cpu-processing, and displayed memory errors that could not be resolved; required hard-reboot. OMG I HAVE PROBLEMS WIT COMP!!

A harmless instance of the ATI Catylist Interface. Andrew Nevelos very annoying, i have 2 running, i don't understand how 2 files exactly the same can be running at the same time? All comments about cli.exe: It appears to have come with ATI Technologies Catalyst Control Center, it's in C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\CLI.exe See also: Link Mark Rejhon Ati Catalyst GFX driver . The graphics were fine without the software installed (I am not a gamer) so I am going to remove the software.

My Flight Sim 2004 pulsates also when I run it. i've once found around 100 processes started... Install the driver only and then install ati tools to control it. kthxbye The Catalyst Control Center has been separated into different components (a unique instance of CLI.exe per component) because it allows us to tune the characteristics of the process instance to

Is made on .NET framework, should be C++ like any good driver aplication and keep launching another cli.exe instances. Kill this insanity as soon as you can (Startup on My Computer, plus "software/microsoft/run" on regedit. elrey CLI.exe seems to be the reason for a hang. However, CLI.EXE was NOT the virus.

Why a video card driver uses internet connection? A harmless instance of the ATI Catylist Interface.